Episode Thirty-Three - The God Phoenix

The Mod/Emma Peel Wonder Woman. (C) 2016 DC Comics

The Mod/Emma Peel Wonder Woman. (C) 2016 DC Comics

0:56 - @TKD_117 returns to talk about his recent trip to Mexico for the 2nd Anniversary @Caralucha show, including the Hechicero/Cavernario vs Black Terry/Bestia 666 and Flamita vs Mascara Dorada matches. We talk about some other recent indy lucha, including Hechicero vs Virus. We also discuss the AAA Lucha World Cup, the always frustrating CMLL booking and more. As always, your source for great indy lucha footage is @BlackTerry. Tweet him for his match lists. For more lucha news, check out Como Estaz with @luchablog and @robviper & Luchaworld with @therealfredo and @vandaldrummond.

43:45 - Magazine contributor Matt D discusses DC Rebirth and a possible shift for a brighter storytelling outlook for DC. We talk about the metatextual nature of the issue and which books we are excited about going forward (hint: listen to episode 32 of the podcast). We also discuss some of the lucha matches covered earlier with TKD. We end with discussion of the two new Marvel superhero movies and was Movie Zemo really such an affront to his comics counterpart?

As discussed in the pod,  Arena Coliseo Monterrey -- Negro Casas vs Rey Hechicero

Technical note: During the interview with Matt, I left my desk fan on and the interview is a little wind-tunnely.  Apologies if it is distracting. 

Episode Thirty - Olde Tyme Hockey

Blackjack Mulligan and Ric Flair in the Crockett territory.   

Blackjack Mulligan and Ric Flair in the Crockett territory.


Jeff Marek (@jeffmarek) from Sportsnet and the #MvsW podcast returns to talk Stanley Cup playoffs with a break-down of each first-round series, (17:42) the passing of legendary Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snider, (26:00) a quick look at the junior hockey playoffs and Memorial Cup preview and (27:50) the passing of Blackjack Mulligan, patriarch of the Windham Family, who Jeff saw in the 1970s in Toronto.. 

Episode Nineteen - Cretinous Humanoids


01:56 - Former wrestling manager Scott Bowden (@KFriedRasslin) from Kentucky Fried Rasslin talks the passing of Tommy Gilbert: his career as a wrestler, referee & head of the Gilbert Family with sons Doug and Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert. We also talk how Eddie turned Scott from ref to manager, Nick Bockwinkel in Memphis and his famous match with Jerry Lawler, Dream Machine Troy Graham, the funeral for the Bruise Brothers, the all-too-brief brief Koko Ware & Bobby Eaton tag team and more.

30:37 - Matt D talks Bockwinkel, his matches in the AWA and other territories, the Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi feud in CMLL, (49:21) the season finale of Doctor Who, (51:20) comics talk including Art Ops, Doctor Strange, Guardians of Infinity, Spidey, The Vision, Black Knight and Paul Cornell's work at Marvel, James Robinson's work on the Uncanny Avengers Annual, Scarlet Witch, Airboy and Leave It to Chance and (1:03:50) some slighty-spoilery talk about Marvel's Jessica Jones TV show.

Episode Sixteen - Facacta Schnooks

It's an Old School Howard Stern Show Tribute episode. Lots of talk about Cookie Puss, Larry Fine Marge Schott, the jetty, apologies, Ham Hands Bill and more. We put the explicit tag on just to be safe, so if you might be offended, we won't mind if you sit this one out.

1:20 - Richard Deitsch (@RichardDeitsch) from Sports Illustrated talk Stern Show and sports media including co-hosting Prime Time Sports in Toronto with Bob McCown (@fadoobobcat), PTS without Stephen Brunt, is John Shannon polarizing to listeners?, US vs Canada sports talk philosophies, calls vs no calls on sports talk. We also talk about his SI Media Podcast interview with Paul Heyman, his eras of wrestling fandom, wrestling journalism, Dave Meltzer (@davemeltzerWON), Frank Deford and the National, the death of Grantland, Blazer Con and love for the Men in Blazers (@meninblazers) and more.

36:12 - Leonard F Chikarason (@LFCHikarason) talks old school Stern, when he started listening, the Negligee and Underpants Party video tape, Jackie era vs Artie era and we list some of our favorite bits.  Note: We ran long with Leonard, so the rest of his interview, talking comics, wrestling, Marvel Puzzle Quest and the Longbox Heroes (@Longboxheroes) podcast will be in the next episode, posting in a few days.

Episode Thirteen - Two Minutes for Murder


1:04 - The return of Jeff Marek (@jeffmarek) from Hockey Night in Canada and the #MvsW podcast who talks Live Audio Wrestling, helping Trish Stratus (@trishstratuscom) get into the WWF, the new NHL season, 3 on 3 in OT, prospects for the Maple Leafs and Red Wings, rookie seasons for Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel, will expansion to Las Vegas and/or Quebec City happen, the MvsW podcast, the start of the major junior season, Blue Jays fever and more.  

29:42 - And a brief look at some popular culture news, including the start of Doctor Who season 9, the new Doctor Who spin-off Class, CMLL Anniversary fallout, Los Ingobernables t-shirts for sale at lucha shop dot com, Waid/Samnee move to Black Widow, the conclusion of Zander Cannon's (@zander_cannon) first arc of Kaijumax, Hechicero (@_reyhechicero) poses with new Odessa Steps Magazine, Podcast Day shout-outs and more.

Episode Twelve - Time Has Come Today


Happy New Doctor Who Season Everyone!

1:02 - Todd Rowker (@rowkerthejoker) from Longbox Heroes (@longboxheroes) talks classic Doctor Who, watching on PBS, new Who, Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, future companions, Marvel's Secret Wars and Battleworld comics, the greatness of the new Archie by @markwaid and @fionastaples, the awesome craziness of Weird World, the sustained quality of @jasonaaron, @ruckawriter and Brian K/ Vaughan and more.

1:00:52 - Matt D talks new Who, the future of Steven Moffat as show runner, the next companion, his article on @chilangamaskin1 for Odessa Steps Magazine issue 5, CMLL Anniversary show predictions and more.

Episode Eleven - Doctor Alquimia Rises Again

Hooray us! If you didn't see already, Odessa Steps Magazine issue 5 is live! Check out the post elsewhere on the site for ordering information.

Issue Five is Live

On the podcast, Dr. Lucha Steve Sims (@drluchajr) returns to talk about his articles in the magazine: one about Negro Casas and one about Atlantis and the twilight of the his generation of luchadors. Then, we discuss the Anniversary show in detail: discussing every match and probable outcomes, including the mascara contra mascara match between Atlantis and La Sombra.  Also, we talk the vagueries of CMLL booking, the state of the women's division post-Dark Angel, the dream trio of Casas, Hechicero and Cavenario, the futures of the Panthers Dynasty and Casas Family, what does a title mean in CMLL, the mess involving LA Park and Dr. Wagner, the economics of lucha and more. 

Episode Ten - The Eagle Has Landed

We're very excited to have CMLL luchador Marco Corleone on this episode of the podcast. Hopefully, he will be the first of a number of luchadors who will be appearing on the podcast or in the upcoming issue of Odessa Steps Magazine/Russian Flag Burial. Please check out the new clothing line started by Marco and his partner (and CMLL edecane) Miroslava.

1:06 - CMLL luchador Marco Corleone (@MarcoCorleone23) talks the upcoming Anniversario Show, Atlantis vs Sombra, Ingobernables vs El Bufete del Amor, Air Corleone, his punching prowess, wrestling the Undertaker, CMLL mascots, creating his entrance music and his new clothing line.  

34:33 - The Cubs Fan (@luchablog) talks Anniversario Show build, Dr. Wagner, LA Park, Boby Zavala's win over Guerrero Maya Jr in the En Busca de un Idolo final, the future of Lucha Underground, the 2015 Cubs season, Schwarber-Mania and the Kane County Cougars. Check out the Luchablog and the Luchawiki for all of Cubsfan's hard work. 

Marco, Miroslava and Dark Angel unveil the gongut.com clothing line.

Marco vs the Undertake from 2005

Marco's whiplash injury

Ultimo Guerrero dropkicks Que Monito. Marco is in the tecnico corner.

 "En Busca de un Idolo". Guerrero Maya Jr. Vs Bobby Zavala. 

Episode Nine - To Catch a Shadow

1:04 - Rob Viper (@RobViper) discusses his recent trip to Mexico to see Lucha Libre. We talk about AAA Triplemania, Rey Misterio vs Myzteziz, the upcoming CMLL Anniversary show, the finals of En Busca de un Idolo, Cara Lucha (@caralucha), Chilanga Mask, the great Black Terry Jr (@Blackterry), the long history between Odessa Steps Magazine, El Doctor Alquimia (@doctoralquimia)  and Highspots (@highspots), the fabulous Jeff Marek (@jeffmarek) [listen to episode 3], the Toronto Blue Jays, the Toronto Maple Leafs, getting The Cubs Fan (@luchablog) to Mexico in September, the Luchaworld pod with Fredo Esparza (@therealfredo) and Vandal Drummond.

48:06 - Matt D discusses the Bayley phenomenon (@itsBayleyWWE) and appealing to a non-traditional wrestling demographic, NXT Takeover in Brooklyn this Saturday, the Ant-Man movie, Lazarus by Greg Rucka (@ruckawriter) [listen to episode 2] and MIchael Lark (@MichaelLark66), Weird World by Jason Aaron (@Jason Aaron) and Mike Del Mundo (@deadlymike) and more En Busca de un Idolo talk.

Episode Eight - Doomed is Your Soul



1:08 - Joe Gagne from Joe vs the World discusses wrestling podcasts, wrestling video games, Chikara, the New Japan G1 tournament and more.

23:22 - A round table discussion recorded live at Denny's to discuss the new Fantastic (in name only) Four movie, with Leonard and Todd from Longbox Heroes and Jason from Podvacacy. A few salty words get thrown in here, but can you blame us? 

Episode Seven - And Be a Villain

This week's show mainly features talk about the passing of Roddy Piper. There is also some lucha talk, remember Eric Caiden from Hollywood Book and Poster and a great discussion about Southern Basterds from someone who lives near the real Craw County. Look for a follow-up post with some of the videos posted that were discussed in the show. Thanks for listening.

1:09 - So Cal wrestler Vandal Drummond talks Roddy Piper in LA, the passing of Hollywood Book and Poster owner Eric Caiden, the Luchaworld podcast, and the greatness of Negro Casas.

38:10 - Wrestling historian and radio host Karl Stern talks Piper in Georgia and the Carolinas, reminisces about Nature Boy Buddy Landell and explains the accuracy and greatness of Jason Aaron and Jason Latour's Southern Basterds comic book.

1:16:36 - Matt D talks Piper in Portland, TCM August Under the Stars and recent lucha libre.

Episode Five - The Devil's Conquistadors

Our pre- San Diego Comic-Con episode. Veteran comics writer Steven Grant discusses the con in the old days (Cortez Hotel), the WWE Japanese special, how his 2 Guns comic became a film starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington and comics vs Hollywood.  Steve "Dr Lucha" Sims discusses Comic-Con from the perspective of an 18-year resident, the evolution of the Gaslamp district, going to see lucha libre in Tijuana in 2015 and the continuing disappointment of CMLL's Busca de un Idolo tournament this year. 

Episode Three - A Confederacy of Dustys

On this solemn occassion, we are joined by a variety of guests to talk mainly about the passing last week of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes.  

Special Guest Star - Jeff Marek of Sportsnet and the Marek vs Wyshynski podcast. Jeff talks about wrestling in Toronto in the 1970s and 1980s and some thoughts on Dusty.  We also talk about the Stanley Cup Final (before game 5) and the upcoming NHL Draft.

Special Guest Star - Mike Sempervive from Wrestling Observer Live. Mike talks about the history of Dusty, watching wrestling in the 1980s in Washington DC. We also talk about the Stanley Cup Final (after game 5). Mike also wrote an apprectiation for Mid-South Wresting in the first issue of the Russian Flag Burial Magazine.

Guest Star - Staff contributor Matt D returns to talk about Dusty and Dustin Rhodes.  Matt is writing a career retrospective of Dustin in the Russian Flag Burial magazine. Part one covers his debut and career up until becoming Goldust.