Episode Fifty-Two - In Like Quinn

From Casanova Avarita by Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba.  (c) 2017 Milkfed Criminial Masterminds, Inc.

From Casanova Avarita by Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba.

(c) 2017 Milkfed Criminial Masterminds, Inc.

Writer Matt Fraction joins the podcast to talk baseball and comics. We discuss the Cubs World Series win, growing up a Cubs fan, the future of Cubs fandom, becoming a soccer fan in Portland, and the 1985 Bears. Turning to comics, we discuss Casanova, his long-running Image book. We talk about the 1960s spy influences, Howard Chaykin and American Flagg, metatextual references in the series, working on the series with Gabriel Ba (@gabirel_ba) and Fabio Moon (@fabiomoon) and more.  Then we talk about ODY-C, his gender-flipping space opera retelling of the Odyssey. We discuss its creation, working with artist Christian Ward (@cjwardart) and more.  We end with discussing potential upcoming TV work for Matt and Kelly Sue DeConnick (@kellysue), pitfalls of comics adaptations on the big/small screen, Iron Fist, Hawkeye, the gone-but-not-forgotten Fantastic Four twitter and being off social media. You can get the Mllkfed Criminal Masterminds newletter at milkfed.us.  Special thanks to Kit Cox for all her help in arranging the interview.

Episode Forty Nine - Holy Cow

How about that kid in the sombrero?

How about that kid in the sombrero?

Egyptian-based journalist and Chicago native Ashraf Khalil (@ashrafkhalil) joins the show to talk Cubbies and the world of popular culture. First, we talk about what it was like to experience the Cubs World Series win while halfway around the world. We also discuss how Cubs fans will be viewed now that they are no longer "lovable losers." Then, we talk about watching American sports abroad, sports podcasts include those by Dan LeBatard and Tony Kornheiser, watching or not watching the NFL in 2016 and more.  Then, we talk pro wrestling, WWE getting mainstream coverage, watching the network vs youtube,  American wrestling versus lucha watching habits and reminiscing about old school grappling. Next, we talk current comics, what Ash is reading (Chew, Sex Criminals, Revival) and what he should check out next (Vision, Lazarus, Southern Bastards, The Black Monday Murders, Casanova, The Goddamned).  We end with a look at how the Presidential Election is seen in the Middle East and Red vs Blue dynamics across the country.

Note: We apologize for the podcast hiatus. Health issues of the ENT variety made doing a show problematic. Hopefully, things will be back to a more regular schedule soon. We tried to edit out any extraneous coughing and other issues, but some may have slipped through. Thank you for your patience.