Episode Nineteen - Cretinous Humanoids


01:56 - Former wrestling manager Scott Bowden (@KFriedRasslin) from Kentucky Fried Rasslin talks the passing of Tommy Gilbert: his career as a wrestler, referee & head of the Gilbert Family with sons Doug and Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert. We also talk how Eddie turned Scott from ref to manager, Nick Bockwinkel in Memphis and his famous match with Jerry Lawler, Dream Machine Troy Graham, the funeral for the Bruise Brothers, the all-too-brief brief Koko Ware & Bobby Eaton tag team and more.

30:37 - Matt D talks Bockwinkel, his matches in the AWA and other territories, the Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi feud in CMLL, (49:21) the season finale of Doctor Who, (51:20) comics talk including Art Ops, Doctor Strange, Guardians of Infinity, Spidey, The Vision, Black Knight and Paul Cornell's work at Marvel, James Robinson's work on the Uncanny Avengers Annual, Scarlet Witch, Airboy and Leave It to Chance and (1:03:50) some slighty-spoilery talk about Marvel's Jessica Jones TV show.