2019 Rewatch Intro

Coming soon…

I wanted to do a rewatch project and was trying to figure out what it would be. I watch almost no current scripted TV (except the still-on-hiatus Game of Thrones) and did not want to do anything that seemingly already has been mined (like Trek). The obvious answer would be my all-time favorite show (Mission Impossible) but, for the time being, I’d rather not ruin by love for the show by examining it too closely (something I was taught by some of my professors at Bowling Green, about why they didn’t teach certain subjects like comics).

So, after thinking about what had a good number of episodes, something I had not watched in decades and also has a tangential connection to something else I love, I decided to pick …


Danger Man (known in the US as Secret Agent), the early 1960s (and then mid to late 1960s) British spy show with the great Patrick McGoohan as John Drake. I am still working on the logistics of what the posting schedule will be: how often, how many episodes per post, and so on. The early seasons are only 30 minutes long, so it might be easy to double up on those. As longtime readers/listeners may know, I have an odd work schedule that will likely not allow a regular timely posting routine. Things will show up when they are done, although probably not more than one or two posts per week. And I’m hoping to bring back a former podcast guest with a fondness for spy shows to chat about Danger Man and some other long-time genre TV favorites. (It’s hard to talk about Danger Man and not end up also talking about the Prisoner too.)

Look for a background piece soon. For now, I’d suggest checking out The Danger Man Website, which has a ton of information on the show, McGoohan and the like.