Puma Approved!

Puma Approved!

Odessa Steps Issue Six is Here!

Issue Six debuted at the Break the Barrier show put on by Powerbomb.tv in Old Forge, PA.

This issue contains:

  • Biographies of the four wrestlers in the lucha tag match written by The Cubs Fan from @Luchablog: Puma, Felino, Guerrero Maya Jr and Skayde
  • A history of Los Brazos written by @DrLuchaJr Steve Sims
  • An analysis of the late Gino Hernandez during his run in Houston for Paul Boesch by Matt D from Segunda Caida
  • Match reviews featuring Black Terry, Negro Navarro, The Panther, Guerrero Maya Jr, Hechicero, Barbaro Cavernario, Puma, Tiger and Los Traumas
  • With a Dinastia Casas cover by @kcidis and photos provided by Black Terry Jr 

Print issue is $US 5 $MEX 75 and $CDN 6.50. Please inquire about prices for the UK and other locales.

Digital issue is $US 3 for the PDF of the issue.

For more information, please contact us at @odessastepsmag or at odessastepsmagazine@gmail.com.