Episode Eleven - Doctor Alquimia Rises Again

Hooray us! If you didn't see already, Odessa Steps Magazine issue 5 is live! Check out the post elsewhere on the site for ordering information.

Issue Five is Live

On the podcast, Dr. Lucha Steve Sims (@drluchajr) returns to talk about his articles in the magazine: one about Negro Casas and one about Atlantis and the twilight of the his generation of luchadors. Then, we discuss the Anniversary show in detail: discussing every match and probable outcomes, including the mascara contra mascara match between Atlantis and La Sombra.  Also, we talk the vagueries of CMLL booking, the state of the women's division post-Dark Angel, the dream trio of Casas, Hechicero and Cavenario, the futures of the Panthers Dynasty and Casas Family, what does a title mean in CMLL, the mess involving LA Park and Dr. Wagner, the economics of lucha and more.